UpLAB launching North Long Beach’s first co-working office space



In an age of mobile business and freelance work, face-to-face collaboration seems harder to find.

UpLAB- a new co-working space and studio serving local entrepreneurs, creatives and nonprofits is attempting to change that with a new North Long Beach location, providing the opportunity for residents to work side-by-side and support each other.

“UpLAB is a space for collaboration, with meet-ups, events and pilot projects. We’re encouraging the community to come together and collaborate, and Uptown Business District’s large storefront office is easy to access,” said Ryan Smolar, creative consultant to Uptown Property and Community Association, which is overseeing the launch of UpLAB for the Uptown PBID.

UpLAB is available for use in lieu of a private office, and is conveniently located inside the office of the business district, the Uptown Property and Community Association (UPCA), on Atlantic Avenue.

“Atlantic Avenue is the new Main Street of North Long Beach with multiple exciting and innovative real estate developments occurring along the corridor,” said Long Beach Vice Mayor Rex Richardson, whose Uptown Renaissance inspired the UpLAB project.  “We’re making it easier than ever for residents to live, work and expand, right in the heart of Uptown.”

Entrepreneurs and artists will have the opportunity to intermingle with business and government leaders, and the collaboration will allow them to immediately hear feedback and have access to crucial community support that often lacks in a traditional office environment.

“We want to treat UpLAB as a homegrown creative think tank for the community to come and test ideas and help find solutions for North Long Beach,” said Tasha W. Hunter, Business District Manager of the UPCA.

UpLAB’s launch party is set for Monday, September 26 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 6082 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach CA 90805. You can RVSP at: http://longbeachuplab.weeb ly.com/launch.html or e-mail ryan@smolarcorp.com

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