And the Winner is…

And the winner is . . .


On May 21, a total of 55 sumo competitors from 13 countries traveled to the Walter Pyramid at Cal State Long Beach to compete in the world’s largest international amateur sumo competition outside of Japan. Guests filled the stadium to watch 43 men and 12 women compete. Four hundred- pound men were lifted into the air and sent crashing out of the ring. During intermissions, guests enjoyed taiko performances and traditional Japanese bento boxes from Shin Sen Gumi. Ryuichi Yamamoto, the heaviest sumo wrestler, humorously went against kids in the ring as young as 4 years old.

Last year, Ramy Elgazar from Egypt won the Men’s Heavyweight gold over reigning and previously undefeated champion, Byambajav Ulambayar, better known as Byamba. Guests who attended last year’s competition were excited to see if Byamba would win back his title this year.

Byamba won the gold in both Men’s Heavyweight and Men’s Openweight.

Men’s Lightweight

GOLD:  Batyr Altyev  (Russia)

SILVER:  Mohamed Kamal  (Egypt)

BRONZE:  Georgy Abdula-Zade  (Russia)

Men’s Middleweight

GOLD:  Altankhuyag Altangerel  (Mongolia)

SILVER:  Konstantin Abdula-Zade  (Russia)

BRONZE:  Nyambayar Lkhanaa  (Mongolia)

Men’s Heavyweight

GOLD:  Byambajav Ulambayar  (Mongolia)

SILVER:  Roy Sims  (USA)

BRONZE:  Ramy Elgazar  (Egypt)

Men’s Openweight

GOLD:  Byambajav Ulambayar  (Mongolia)

SILVER:  Roy Sims  (USA)

BRONZE:  Davaanyam Altangerel  (Mongolia)

Women’s Lightweight

GOLD:  Undrakhzaya Nyamsuren  (Mongolia)

SILVER:  Natsumi Takagi  (Japan)

BRONZE:  Kavita Rani  (India)

Women’s Middleweight

GOLD:  Munkhtsetseg Otgon  (Mongolia)

SILVER:  Marina Rozum  (Poland)

BRONZE:  Mandeep Kaur  (India)

Women’s Heavyweight

GOLD:  Natalie Burns  (USA)

SILVER:  Kaitlyn Mascher  (USA)

BRONZE:  Beth Martin  (USA)

Women’s Openweight

GOLD:  Munkhtsetseg Otgon  (Mongolia)

SILVER:  Undrakhzaya Nyamsuren  (Mongolia)

BRONZE:  Marina Rozum  (Poland)

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