Last Week LB: Potholes! An Elvis hangout waves goodbye; LBC for the O.L.D.

Last Week LB
By Gary Metzker | Feb. 12, 2017

Last Week Long Beach has everything you need in a three-minute read…

The rains have stopped. Oh, wait, they haven’t. There’s more forecast for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and next Monday.

And in this neck of the woods, whenever you have rain, potholes can’t be far behind. You know the ones I’m talking about – the bone rattling, alignment destructing ones.

“We have thousands, if not tens of thousands, of potholes that we are responding to,” Art Cox, manager of public service for Long Beach told the Press-Telegram last week.

Last Week long beach, potholes

This jaw-rattling pothole is on Seventh Street, just past the Veterans Administration Hospital.

There are some doozies around Long Beach. Like the multiple potholes getting onto CA-22 where it merges with Seventh Street. Or the one on Seventh Street just past the VA Hospital. And how about the third lane on Cherry Avenue going northbound where it crosses at Wardlow Avenue. Bellflower Boulevard? It’s a mess; potholes are everywhere. It’s like driving on an obstacle course.

The city’s Public Works department does the best it can to fill these annoyances, but lately there hasn’t been enough time for the asphalt to do its job because the rain simply washes it all away.

But the rains will stop, eventually, and then you have to do your part and report those damn potholes to the city.

The pothole hotline is 562.570.2726. Make sure to identify the street address where the pothole is located and the nearest intersection. Once the Public Works department gets the service request, they will inspect the site in 7-10 days and prioritize the request based on the severity.


Some people think of Long Beach as being a hip city. Young. Vibrant. A techno city. We got the beach. We got Snoop. Skateboarders hang out here. But according to SmartAsset, a New York-based personal finance, the LBC is also for the O.L.D.

The company ranked Long Beach as the seventh-best place to retire. Key findings from the study found that eight of the top 10 cities are located in California. In fact Glendale (Glendale?) was ranked fourth. Huntington Beach came in eighth.

Smart Asset gathered data on several actors, including average effective tax rate, health care costs, what percentage of the population is 65 years of age or older, the crime rate per 100,000 and the number of warm days.

Also taken into consideration were the number of personal care service establishments, such as nail salons and massage parlors, the number of medical care establishments per 10,000 residents, the number of museums and historical sites per 100,000 residents and, finally, median housing costs. The No. 1 place to retire was Pembroke Pines, Florida and the 25th best place to retire was Corona.


After decades of redevelopment battles, the 53-year-old SeaPort Marina Hotel has at long last closed and plans to redevelop the land on the southeast corner of Second Street and Pacific Coast Highway are moving ahead. The hotel had a quirky past, which included visits by Elvis Presley, according to Steve Harvey, who writes Only in Long Beach for the Gazettes. The current owners, the Lyn family, doing business as Takisun Inc., began looking for redevelopment options shortly after buying the property.

Raymond Lyn began the process of shutting down the aging hotel about two weeks ago, according to spokesman Alex Cherin. Reservations and bookings were stopped, and both long-term residents and businesses operating on the property were asked to vacate. The new, still unnamed center is all retail and commercial, with no building higher than the current 35-foot height limit.

Whole Foods Market will take up 55,000 square feet of the property as it moves from its current location in the Marina Shores Center. There will be another 95,000 square feet of retail, a 25,000 square foot fitness club, expected to be the chic Equinox, 70,000 square feet of restaurant uses and 1,150 parking spaces.

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